Review: Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

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I have finally tested a new product (I tend to get a bit lazy testing new products when the ones I already have are doing a good job) 🙂 For the past few weeks I have tested a new hair gel: the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel. In this post I would like to share my review.

I started to try the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel on a really rainy day, which is why I applied quite a lot of it to my curls. Due to the high humidity, I didn’t have too high hopes with regards to the frizz control of this new hair gel. But as it turned out, it did a really good job fighting frizz that day:

Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

My curls styled with the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel on a really rainy day.

What I like about the Madonna & Co. Miracle Hair Gel

Since then I have continuously used the Miracle Hair Gel and every time I have applied it to my curls, they turned out great:

  • they were shiny
  • with almost no frizz (even when it was really rainy and humid outside),
  • formed nice clumps,
  • and still had a lot of volume

Basically my hair was just the way I like my curls to look! This is why I am a bit sad, that my bottle is almost finished by now…

Will it become my number 1 gel?

Unfortunately I can’t order this gel on Curlmart, where I buy all of my other curly hair products. Living in Switzerland makes it really difficult to properly take care of your curls…. Ordering my products from all over the web doesn’t only make it more expensive, but also takes up more time. This is why I am not yet sure whether or not I will keep on using it frequently, but it would actually be well worth it..

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