review: curl junkie daily fix cleansing conditioner

Hi there curlies! I’ve been testing a new conditioner for quite a while now and would like to share my review with you. I’ve been using different products from Curl Junkie and so far liked most of them, which is why I wanted to give the Curl Junkie Daily Fix Conditioner a try. Keep on reading to see my results using it.

Before reviewing it, let me mention that this is a light conditioner. So if you’re looking for an intensely moisturizing conditioner, this one isn’t the perfect match for you. If you think your curls would love a lighter conditioner or if you’re looking for a product to co-wash, then keep on reading 🙂

How to use the Curly Junkie Daily Fix Cleansing Conditioner

As this conditioner really is a light conditioner, you can either apply it like any other conditioner or you can use it to co-wash your hair. Co-washing your hair means not using any shampoo (no, not even a sulfate-free one) to cleanse your curls. As my curls have a tendency to be over-conditioned, I didn’t use it as a co-wash, but instead used it as second conditioner:

review: curl junkie daily fix conditioner

The back of my curls after applying the Curl Junkie Daily Fix Conditioner

This means, that I first used another conditioner to detangle my curls (like the KKKT, or the MopTop Daily Conditioner), rinsed that first conditioner and then applied the Curl Junkie Daily Fix Conditioner. Depending on your curls’ need of moisture, you can either rinse it or leave it in.

What I liked about the Curl Junkie Daily Fix Conditioner

It’s a great addition to my stack of different conditioners. However, I would’t buy it if it were my only conditioner – I love the results it gets me when I apply it after my usual conditioner! My curls are (almost) frizz-free, they form good clumps and they aren’t weighed down by it. Basically it just does everything I like a conditioner to do!

review: curl junkie daily fix conditioner

I really like the results after using it on top of another conditioner.

Are you not yet sure, whether or not you should try this conditioner? In my opinion, you should give this conditioner a try, if:

  • you’re looking for an additional light conditioner
  • you want to give co-washing a try
  • your hair is fine and thus easily gets weighed down
  • you have porous hair, but in this case I recommend you to use it as a second conditioner to use on “top” of another, richer conditioner
  • Olivia
    December 9, 2016

    I would love to give co-washing a try, this sounds like a great product! It definitely gives your hair an amazing glow.

  • Noemi
    December 13, 2016

    I’ve been using the Light Defining Gel by Deva Curls, which has made my curls a LOT stronger, especially if I go to bed with wet hair! Not sure if it’s available in Switzerland.

  • Noemi
    January 13, 2017

    Thanks for all your recommendations – great!
    Which is the most affordable conditioner for using it every second day?
    My hair is very dry right now so I will use a deep conditioner for a while – you recommended the top mop – and I also want a normal conditioner. My hair is quite thin and my curls turn into waves if I don’t go to bed with wet hair or blow-dry them.

    It would be great to know where you get the top mop deep conditioner and the other conditioner in Switzerland? (the most affordable option … an Amazon & Google search didn’t give me any leads so far …)


    • Sandra
      January 13, 2017

      Hi! Unfortunately I don’t really know too many website that sell curly hair products to Europe/Switzerland. This is the reason why I usually order them on – probably not the cheapest, but the easiest – they just have any curly hair product you could wish for 🙂

      Also, buying a cheap silicone and sulfate free conditioner is almost impossible. Unfortunately, I’ve given up searching through Coop and Migros to check all the ingredients labels of conditioners and have resorted to order all of my curly hair products online..

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