Let your curls shine with the Mop Top deep conditioner

After writing about my winter routine for shiny curls I really wanted to share my Mop Top deep conditioner review with you, as it was one of the products I’ve used quite often in the last few months.

There are some things I absolutely love about this deep conditioner and other things, which come along with the Mop Top deep conditioner that I don’t really like that much. But first, I’d like to show you another pictures of my curls right after using the Mop Top deep conditioner:

moptop deep conditioner review

My curls after using the MopTop deep conditioner.


What I like about the Mop Top deep conditioner:

  • my curls are super-shiny after applying it
  • it’s really moisturizing
  • it leaves me with soft and bouncy curls


What I don’t like about the Mop Top deep conditioner:

  • maybe you’ve already seen it in the above picture: the curls on the back of my head are quite frizzy
  • I can’t get my curls to form great clumps (read more about clumping)


So all in all I can say that I will continue to use the Mo pTop deep conditioner, because it definitely moisturizes my curls very well. But I won’t be using it every week, more like once a month, alternating with the other deep conditioners. If you like to know more about how I use deep conditioners, read this post!


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