My favorite conditioner – the Mop Top daily conditioner

I really love curly hair products from Mop Top – the Mop Top daily conditioner is my absolute favorite conditioner. In today’s post I’ll show you the results I’ve got using the daily conditioner and finishing with the Mop Top anti-frizz gel.

I ordered the Mop Top daily conditioner at, because I immediately fell in love with their anti-frizz gel and wanted to try another of their products. Just like it happened with the Mop Top anti-frizz gel, I already loved this conditioner the first time I’ve used it. It has got a really nice smell and a great consistency to moisturize curly hair! This is what it looks like:

MopTop daily conditioner review

The MopTop daily conditioner is my favorite

What I really like about the MopTop daily conditioner:

  • I love its smell
  • It doesn’t weigh down my curls and leaves me with great volume (as usual I clipped my roots for more volume)
  • It’s moisturizing, but at the same time contains some proteins and is therefore great for fine and medium hair.
  • You can combine it with the KCKT to better detangle your curls
MopTop daily conditioner review

The MopTop daily conditioner combined with the MopTop anti-frizz gel gets me great volume

I used it the same way I’m using all of my conditioner: I apply it to finger-comb my curls and then rinse all of it before I start plopping and then blow-drying my curls.

  • Sondra Stokes
    August 10, 2016

    Hey! I see you like mop top products as I have recently discovered the line of products myself. I was wondering if you have tried their curling custard? I am currently using the Mop Top gentle shampoo, daily cond, and curling custard. I am in a very humid climate and Mop Top has certainly made a huge difference all in a good way!

    • Sandra
      August 11, 2016

      Hi Sondra, no I haven’t tried it yet! Do you like it?

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