Enhance your curls with AG Re:coil

Hi curlies, today I’m reviewing a curls-enhancing product: AG Re:coil. Continue reading to learn what I like about this product and how much it enhances your curls. This actually ist a product I’ve been using a very long time and that I still use from time to time.

What’s so special about this product?

It is a curl enhancer, thus it makes your curls curlier. If you often read my blog I’m sure you know by now that I’d love to have curlier hair than 3a… That’s the reason why I like the AG Re:coil: It really enhances your curls. What’s also special about it is, that it’s not actually a styler. I always use it in top of applying gel.

Take a look a my results after using it:

AG re:coil review

My curls are curlier after using AG Recoil.

How to apply it?

Usually, I apply it to my dripping wet curls before applying my styler by only using a pea size of this product because it has some dehydrating ingredients in it. To apply it, I evenly spread it in my hands and then glide along my curls without combing through them. If you want to get your curls a lot curlier, I suggest you to comb this product in as it works better in hair with smaller clumps.

  • What I love about the AG Re:coil: It enhances my curls!
  • A big minus is the fact that this product isn’t sulfate free (there’s magnesium sulfate in it) and it therefore dries out my curls
  • To get this product to really enhance your curls, you need to let it break up your clumps (this way it can really make your curls look curlier).

To sum it up, I like its curl enhancing effect on my curls, but because it also has some “side effects” I don’t use it on a daily basis. If you often use it, I strongly recommend you to use deep conditioners to make sure your curls are well moisturized.

  • Claire Richardson
    August 12, 2015

    Ive been using recoil for years and was wonderinf if you had a hairspray that doesn’t make that forcefield of frizz? Lately ive noticed that the one I use is doing more harm than good.
    -Claire Richardson

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