Darshana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Hi curlies! Today I am reviewing the new Darshana Shampoo and Conditioner. I was really exited to get to try these products, because I already love the Darshana Hair Oil.


Therefore my expectations were quite high and I’m more than happy to say that the Darshana Shampoo & Conditioner have even exceeded my expectations! These products are truly wonderful as they left me with super shiny and healthy curls. It seems that every ingredient is improving the health of my curls. Don’t they look really shiny and well defined?

Darshana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

My curls from the back after having used the new Darshana Shampo & Conditioner

Even though the conditioner is rather rich, it didn’t weigh my curls down. Moreover they still felt “light” with just the right amount of volume.

Who are this shampoo and conditioner for?

I think that especially curlies that are new to embracing their curly hair could profit a lot from these products, because the ingredients are all natural and support the health of your hair. After coming from straightening  your hair with a lot of heat, this is exactly what you need! And even if your curls already are pretty healthy it surely doesn’t hurt to spoil them every now and then.

The shampoo and conditioner are great when used in combination and I will definitely keep them both in my curly hair routine.

Darshana Shampoo & Conditioner Review

My curls from the front

I also styled my curls this way for my latest video on YouTube about my curly hair journey (the pictures above were taken on the same day), so feel free to watch the video to see more detailed results of these two products.

  • Nathalie Praxmarer
    September 21, 2016

    Dear Sandra,
    I´m really happy with your blog. I am also reading http://www.naturallycurly.com website, I like the product recommendations very much. I ordered lot´s of products from U.S., (e.g.: Deva Curl, Kinky Curly, Shea Moisture, Cantu, etc.) but the thing is, that the shipping costs for me living in Austria are very expensive. Higher than the Product itself. So I thought, it could be an idea to build a “product” community here in Europe to share the shipping costs. Pls let me know what you think about that!
    Have a nice curly day, regards Nathalie

  • Anfra Cajano
    March 22, 2017

    Hi Sandra! I’d like to thank you for making blogs on curly hair, because I got one too. I am 24years old, and I always thought that having curly hair is a curse! I’ve been trying to straighten my hair just as you did, while telling your journey on having curly hair, it made me cry because I totally can relate to your stories, and up to now I am struggling, just last month I finally given up on my hair, I told myself in the mirror that I’m gonna give up on my curls, it’s so dry,frizzy and it made my confidence to vanish, I also experienced hair loss for trying products that will straighten my hair, and I never succeeded.

    While I was checking on the internet, I saw you well, I actually search on “diffusers” how to use it since I’m planning to begin a new life with my curls. Fortunately, I bumped into you, not you, but your video. 🙂 Keep it up Sandra, I wanna read more curly hair tips. You are my inspiration!!!!

    I’m from Philippines! I wish I could find a place or an online shop to buy curly hair products. I’d be happy to get a response from you, I salute you, co-curly!

  • Christie
    May 24, 2017

    Hi Sandra,
    This shampoo and conditioner sound wonderful, along with the oil, since I’m transitioning. Plus, they are available on Amazon. I wanted to ask you what styling products you used with this as I don’t believe they make any stylers.
    I just tried Mixed Chicks shampoo, deep conditioner, and their Leave In Conditioner today and my hair looks better than it has since I started my curly transitioning 2-3 months ago. The DevaCurl products that I had started my transition with aren’t for my hair and were making my hair more damaged. Today using Mixed Chicks and their leave in conditioner as my styler really defined my curls, even on my dried out, keratin treated ends. But, I’d like to try the Darshana line as well and wanted to ask you if you tried the Mixed Chicks leave in conditioner/styler with their products. Or, do you think that the combination might be too heavy for fine hair?
    Another reason I’m asking is because I just received the Mixed Chicks travel/trial trio yesterday which included their shampoo, deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. Unfortunately, their shampoo that’s included with this trio is not sulfate free and I didn’t notice this when I ordered it :(. That being said, are there any Mixed Chicks shampoos or co-washes that you’ve tried with their deep conditioner and leave in conditioner?

    Just a side note, I also ordered Curlsmith. I’m going to become a product junky but I need to work on the health of my hair, new growth and old because for whatever reason, the DevaCurl products really wreaked more havoc on my hair.
    Thanks for your wonderful feedback and suggestions and sharing your journey with all of us.

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