curlsmith review

I’ve tested all of the four Curlsmith products (co-wash, oil-in-cream, treatment serum and styling souffle) and I can say that I definitely like the whole Curlsmith product line! I already had that feeling when I got their box, which was packaged so nicely (got to love their design). Their box comes with great explanations about each product including how to use them and infos about the ingredients (all vegan!).

Curlsmith Review

Doesn’t already the packaging look great?

Before writing a final statement about their whole product line, I’d like to review each product and let you know what I thought about it (I saved the best for last :-))

Curlsmith Curl Quenching Conditioning Wash

This sulfate-free shampoo has a creamy consistency, smells great and gets rid of my product build-up. Plus it smells great! What else would you want from a shampoo?

Curl Conditioning Oil-In-Cream

I’ve used their conditioner to detangle and condition my curls at the same time. Like the whole product line, the conditioner is rich in moisture. I guess that since it also has different oils in it, it works really well as a detangler! Therefore, I didn’t use as much conditioner as I would have with other brands and got great results.

Intense Deep Treatment Oil Serum

This deep treatment’s consistency is really interesting, which is why you need to rub it between your palms until it turns oily. If your curls need more moisture, this deep treatment is exactly what you need. As for my curls it was too much and has left me with over-conditioned curls. Even though I only used very little of this product. I suppose this means that this product is great for curlies with a tighter curls or with damaged curls that seek moisture. However, if your curls are wavy or less curly (3a like mine) and healthy please only apply this product very carefully.

Curls Defining Styling Souffle

This product is the styler in the curlsmith product line. It is jelly-like (even more than the Kinky Curly Curling Custard) and is my favorite curlsmith product. It will definitely become part of my regimen! I like it so much, because it clumps my curls while leaving them frizz-free, soft and bouncy at the same time. And because my curls are so soft on washing days, I also get better second day curls 🙂

If you give this styler a try, please only use a really small amount. The first time I tried it, I used too much of this product.Meaning it left me with crunchy, wet-looking curls even after scrunching out the crunch and shaking my curls like crazy. What do I mean by saying you should only use very little of this product? I only used about a dime size or a small teaspoon full of it and got great results (I don’t have really long, but really think hair). So, don’t give up on this product too soon, but instead just experiment with different amounts and see how much is perfect for your curls.

Curlsmith Review

This is what their products look like!

Overall review

I strongly recommend this whole product line for all the curlies out there who are looking for moisture. So I think using their whole product line is a great idea, if:

  • you are a new curly or are still transitioning and therefore are recovering from heat damage
  • your curls are thirsty for moisture for any other reason than the one mentioned above
  • you have tight curls
Curlsmith Review

I’ve only applied a bit of each product, so as not to over-condition my curls

If your curls don’t need this much moisture (anymore), the Curlsmith product are still a great choice, just make sure you don’t apply too much of each. Also, if your curls have a tendency to be over-conditioned, keep in mind to only use the deep treatment every once in a while.

  • Christie
    May 30, 2017

    Hi Sandra,
    Thanks for this wonderful review. I’ve ordered all four of these products and expect them to arrive this week. I wanted to ask you for some usage instructions on transitioning hair.
    I have fine, color treated hair and I’m about 2 months into transitioning my hair from relaxed and keratin treatments back to curly. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some tips for their usages because as I said I am transitioning so I am dealing with new curly growth and straighter, damaged ends. I would like to know how you recommend using each product on transitioning hair. Also, is the co-wash meant to be both a shampoo and conditioner? Or, is there a conditioner that is applied after the co-wash and then rinsed out? I looked at the Curlsmith website but the instructions don’t explain how to use everything together. Just an FYI, I usually wash with sulfate free shampoo every day to every other day. Because I’m transitioning, there is no such thing as second, third, or fourth day hair unless it’s a ponytail on the second day. Otherwise, I start over every day by either washing or on the second day I re-wet and condition. I then use a styling product and diffuse dry my hair.
    Thank you in advance for any recommendations you can provide me with using these products on transitioning hair. Also, are any of these meant to be deep conditioners?
    Thank you for your help!!!

  • Cassandra
    December 26, 2017

    I purchased this line after reading this review and I’m very disappointed. I have think fine curly hair and this stuff weighs it down so much. I barely used any of the style soufflé the first day and I had to wash my hair right after styling to get the grease out. Today I barely used any soufflé and my hair is crunchy, greasy and weighed down. I paid a premium for this since I live in canada and I wish I could return it. I much prefer the controlled chaos that I boughy last month after reading your review of that.

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