Only Curls Micro-Fiber Towel Review and Discount

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Hi curlies, in today’s article I’m reviewing the Only Curls Micro-Fiber Towel. Plus, you can orders yours with a 20% discount! So here’s what I think.

I was excited to get a chance to try and review the Only Curls Towel, because I’ve seen it online and have been wanting to try one! The towel comes in a neat package, it’s almost a pity to open it…

How to use it

If you’re wondering what you need this towel for, let me say this much: never use a terry cloth towel to dry your curls after washing them – this will cause unwanted frizz!

Instead use the Only Curls Towel after washing your curls:

  1. Wash and style your curls just like you usually do.
    Only Curls Review

    Plop your curls with the Only Curls Towel

  2. After adding your styler, scrunch your curls with your bare hands.
  3. As soon as your hair doesn’t release a lot of water anymore, plop your curls with the Only Curls Towel for as long as you like.
  4. When you’re done plopping, scrunch your curls with the Only Curls Towel to again get rid of as much water as possible.

What I like about the Only Curls Towel

When it comes to hair drying towels it’s really important that they can absorb as much water as possible. Therefore this was my number one criteria when testing the Only Curls Towel. And I certainly wasn’t disappointed: it absorbes the released water very well.

Moreover it also has the perfect size! I can easily use it to plop my curls and at the same time it’s still handy!

How to get your 20% discount

You can order the towel online on the Only Curls website and the great thing is you’ll get a 20% discount when ordering in November with the code: ocjustcurlies

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