Which bobby pins to use to keep short curls in a hairstyle

Do you also have those short hair right next to your face? I have lots of these fine curls and somehow they don’t really want to grow, which is why I like to call them baby-curls. Continue reading to see how I get them and bangs to stay within a hairstyle when pulling my curls back.

These baby-curls aren’t layers I got at my hairdressers‘, but they are short hair that doesn’t seem to grow any longer. I seriously have no idea why these short curls don’t grow. This seems to be a quite common problem as several of my friends (also straight-haired girls) also have them… However, this post isn’t only for those of you with these baby-curls, but also for those with bangs or lots of layers that keep falling into your face.

Which bobby pins to use to keep short curls in your hairstyle

Use these bobby pins to keep short curls in your hairstyle

The most important thing when it comes to keeping short curls in a hairstyle is to use the right kind of bobby pins. I always use the ones that don’t close at the front (you can see them on the left side). If you’re trying to keep them back with “normal” bobby pins they’ll be visible even if you buy them in the same color as your hair is.

To keep them back just gather all of them – you can grab a big amount – and fix them with an above described bobby pin by putting it in you curls with the ends pointing to your ponytail:

Which bobby pins to use to get rid of that flying baby-hair

Put the bobby pins in your curls with the ends pointing to your ponytail.

This way you can easily keep short curls out of your face with an almost invisible bobby pin. They’ll hold up for your normal daily activity, but not if you’re about to go for a run or if you’re working out (they’ll start to move out of your hair). This is exactly the reason why I suggest you to use these kind of bobby pins only to keep baby-hair or bangs back and not to use them to fix a hairstyle (e.g. a bun)!

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