Washing curly hair 101

I love how today’s curls turned out after washing, so I take the chance to write a post about washing curly hair! I’ll say it – flat out- I don’t like washing my curls. So if you’re like me and kind of hate washing your curls, keep on reading this post in which I’ll be sharing some ways to make washing curly hair more endurable.

Get the right products

The most important thing to best wash your curls is getting the right products. If you’re having problems combing your curls because they’re getting all tangled I can definitely suggest you to use the Kinky Curly Knot Today while finger-combing your curls gently. This product really works wonders and can not only speed up your washing routine significantly but also reduce the pain of detangling curls.

Use the Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle your curls

The best product to easily detangle your curls

Gently finger-comb your curls

This part’ll take the longest during the whole washing routine. However, it’s important to gently comb your curls, otherwise you’ll either shed too much hair or suffer some breakage. Also make sure you’re detangling throughly not leaving any knots. Combing will get easier if your curls are really soaking wet (you’ll have to re-water them often until you’re done combing) and covered with conditioner (you’ll also have to keep adding some conditioner during combing).

washing curly hair

Only comb curly hair, when it’s soaking wet and covered with conditioner

Wash your curls frequently

If you’re like me that’s bad news, but washing your curls about every 2nd or 3rd day is definitely helping to make washing your curls a lot easier. Why? Because your curls cannot build as many knots as they could in let’s say 4-5 days (that’s the bad part of only combing your curls when you’re actually washing them). Especially if you’re putting your curls into some nice hairstyles with braids you should really wash your hair frequently or you’ll spend half an hour combing your curls (no kidding, I’ve had to detangle them for 30 minutes before).

washing curly hair

Try to wash your curls about every 2nd or 3rd day.

“Pineapple” during the night

Talking about preventing knots, “pineappleing” not only gets you great second day curls, but also helps to prevent your curls from tangling too much, because you’re curls’ll move less and therefore can’t build as many knots.

washing curly hair

Prevent your curls from getting tangled during the night


These are my tips to get through washing my curls without suffering too much. If you’re interested in my whole hair routine, head over to NaturallyCurly.com.

  • Samantha
    July 13, 2015

    Hi, my 6 year old has hair like you, any suggestions for 2nd day hair??

    • Sandra
      July 14, 2015

      You could either refresh her curls on second days by adding some water-conditioner-mix or you could do any kind of half-updos or updos. You’ll find different updos on my blog that might work 🙂

    • eiahowa
      September 28, 2016

      My mother just cut my hair off… Everyone thought I was a boy. Thanks mom.

  • olive
    August 13, 2015

    When you pinapple, how tight is the hair elastic? Every time I try it, my curls either end up mostly flat around my head with an indent from the elastic or they fall out of it during the night and it’s like I never tried.

    • Sandra
      August 13, 2015

      To prevent my curls from having a bulk in them, I don’t pull them together too tight. My curls never fall your of the ponytail – do you have short curls? Have you tried a braid out (this might work better for your curls)?

  • Nishka Nachappa
    July 21, 2018

    I love that you approve of the idea of washing curls every 2nd or 3rd day!!! I totally understand how this takes a whole load off detangling. But do you think this might seem like over-manipulation? Knots, tangles and breakage while detangling are what we are trying to avoid, but do you think the more frequent manipulating might cause some undue breakage?

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