are you struggling to get soft and bouncy curls?

Most curlies like to have soft and bouncy curls and try to avoid wet-looking curls. I’ve put together three possible mistakes that could be keeping you from getting that wanted soft look. Plus, they can all be changed easily!

There are different reasons as to why your curls still look crunchy when they’re already dry:

Mistake 1: Wrong technique

Depending on the products you apply to style your curls, they could dry with a gel cast, leaving your curls looking like they’re still wet. There’s a simple trick to get your curls to feel soft: scrunch out the crunch! Do this once your curls are completely dry and usually your curls get that bouncy look within just a few seconds. Are you still looking to get more volume? Then try to carefully shake your curls.

If you can’t achieve soft curls with the above mentioned techniques, you might be dealing with the second mistake:

Mistake 2: Too much product

Sometimes, the reason for crunchy curls is not the wrong technique, but that you’re applying too much of your styling product. I’ve just had to deal with this recently when I was trying a new styling product, that has left me looking like this (these are third day curls):

soft and bouncy curls

My results after having applied too much product

The next time, I used the same styling product (but just a tiny amount!) to eliminate frizz and ended up with totally different results:

soft and bouncy curls

using less styling product was a real game-changer 🙂

As you see, applying less styling product might already do the trick!

Mistake 3: Wrong product

If you’ve tried using less of your styling product and are still left with wet-looking curls, the products might just not be the ones for your curls! Before I knew about the curly girl method I’ve tried tons of products that didn’t really work for my hair. During that phase I’ve also encountered various products that have left me with really hard and crunchy curls.. No matter how much I would scrunch and shake my curls – they just stayed that way. In that case, the only solution is to switch products!

  • Patricia
    June 3, 2017

    Thank you for the tips…I just hope that could work on my hair…will give it a try; my hair is a lot curlier than yours…it shrinks to coils when it’s completely dry…
    I usually do not touch my hair until it’s completely dry to avoid frizz, and when I do, I place a little bit of serum on my hands to avoid the frizz.
    Thanks again!

    • Lynn Thomas
      August 16, 2017

      I’m a curly girl also. I LOVE the Deva Curl product line. I keep everything in the shower. I only lightly squeeze out a little water & put the gel in, wrap in a t shirt for a bit, then scrunch hair by big handfuls w the t shirt…do everything else I need to do & diffuse. I love my curls, soft, bouncy & frizz free.

  • Eveli Rayane
    June 6, 2017

    Adorei as dicas!

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