Reasons Why You Should Ditch Your Brush

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Hi curlies! In the past five years I haven’t used a comb or a brush to detangle my curls (well except the one time I did dry-brush my curls for the above picture 🙂 ). In this post I would like to share some reasons as to why you should ditch that brush or comb or yours!

Like I have mentioned in this post before I didn’t know for a very long time that my hair actually is curly and not just wavy, because I used to brush my curls when they were dry… To read this article, please head over to NaturallyCurly, where it has been published!

  • Valery MIshu
    January 26, 2016

    Hey Sandra! I have my hair in layers and it turn out that if I let my hair air dry with out scrunching my curls it turns out SUPER frizzy, BUt when I do scrunch my curl the top layer is always frizzy while the middle layer has some curl and the longest layer has only straight hair. PLEASE HELP. When I was younger I curls like yours but PLEASE HELP ME

    • Sandra
      January 29, 2016

      Hi Valery, when during your washing routine do you scrunch your curls? If you touch your curls while they’re drying it will cause them to be frizzy. Only scrunch your curls when they’re completely dry. You could also try to use other products (like the AG re:coil that enhances curls). Do you follow the CG method (e.g. no sulfates and no silicones)?

      • Valery MIshu
        January 30, 2016

        Well, I use pantene color revival Shampoo and conditioner (my hair isn’t colored I just like this shampoo and conditioner )

        • Sandra
          January 31, 2016

          These products contain silicones, I recommend only using silicone and sulfate free products to get rid of that frizz 🙂

  • Nishka Nachappa
    April 4, 2018

    Combing and brushing are the fastest ways to breakage for curlies. Our phalanges are our best detangling tools. Wide-toothed seamless detangling combs are ok too. Ultimately a curlie must never rake/comb through his/her hair while dry.

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