Plopping curly hair in less than 1 minute

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Hi curlies! After writing my first article about plopping curly hair which included a picture-tutorial, I figured it’d be nice to also make a short video about how to plop. So here it is!

Plopping has become a part of my routine a very long time ago and I’d recommend you to give it a try if you haven’t already included in your post washing routine.

Plopping is great, because:
  • it enhances your curls (if you’re looking for even curlier hair, try the AG Re:coil!)
  • it helps your curls to form nice clumps
  • it gets rid of excess moisture thus leading to frizz-free curls

Watch my YouTube video to see how I plop:


After uploading it on YouTube I’ve realized that my video had just gotten a few seconds longer than 1 minute because I added a picture at the beginning and the logo of my blog at the end of it. However the tutorial part is still shorter than 1 minute, which is why I think it’s still ok to title it plopping curly hair in less than 1 minute 😉

To read more about the plopping technique itself, read my previous blog post about plopping curly hair!




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  • Sophie
    June 6, 2015

    It’s funny you uploaded this because I plopped just yesterday! I use a short-sleeve t-shirt because I don’t have any long-sleeve ones I’m willing to use for this, but I really should get a long-sleeved, because I can barely tie the short sleeves around my big head 😛

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