My Updated Routine

Hi curlies! It was definitely about time that I posted an updated routine – it’s been too long since I’ve shared my curly hair routine. 

I am still mostly applying the same techniques, because they have worked so well for me, however I have some new products that I use each time I wash my hair.

Pre-Washing Routine

About half an hour before I wet my curls, I add some of the Darshana Hair Oil to the ends of my curls. I don’t comb it in, because I don’t want to brush my curls while they are dry.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

I begin my washing routine by adding some Oil to the ends

Cleansing Routine

I then wet my curls and shampoo them with a sulfate free shampoo. While doing so, I am careful to only apply the shampoo to the roots and not the ends. Lately, I have been using the DevaCurl NoPoo to clean my hair. I think this shampoo is good at getting rid of product residues even without sulfates in it. I shampoo my curls by massaging my scalp (just like a hairdresser would).

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

I clean my curls by adding some shampoo to the roots and then massaging my scalp

Combing and Conditioning Routine

When I am done massaging (after 2-3 minutes), I thoroughly rinse the shampoo and continue my routine by adding the Kinky Curly Knot Today  (KCKT) detangler to the ends of my curls. The KCKT really facilitates combing my curls! To be as gentle as possible, I only use my hands and start bottom up. Whenever I feel like the knots are becoming difficult to resolve, I add more water and then more detangler. I do this until I can rake my curls with my bare hands without encountering any more knots.

I have previously described the amount of KCKT I use to detangle my hair. Meanwhile I reduced the amount to about half of it, because I noticed that the KCKT has caused some product build-up.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

To comb my curls, I add the Kinky Curly Knot Today

To finish combing my curls, I add a little bit of the MopTop Daily Conditioner and quickly finger-comb my curls, then rinse. I usually rinse all of the conditioner, because my curls are easily over-conditioned.

Styling Routine

After rinsing my curls, I apply the MopTop anti-frizz medium gel to my still dripping wet curls by moving down the out- and then the inside of my curls. At this point I don’t rake my curls at all and try to only touch them when necessary, because combing or excessive touching results in unwanted frizz.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

I apply the styler by just moving along – I don’t comb it in

When all of my curls are covered with styler, I spray a bit of my new favorite product, the AG Curl Trigger (review will be up soon!), onto my curls. This spray is really helpful if you are looking to get tighter curls. I then finish by scrunching my curls about 5-10 times to get rid of excess water.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

I scrunch my curls just like I would squeeze a lemon

Pre-Blow-Drying Routine

To get my curls ready for drying, I usually plop for about 10 minutes. To plop my curls, I usually use a cotton towel – don’t ever use normal terry cloth, because this will again cause unwanted frizz. If you’re not yet sure if plopping is the right technique for you, just use an old t-shirt!

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

Plopping also help to get my curls as dry as possible before blow-drying them

Blow-Drying Routine

I always blow-dry my curls, because I like the additional volume. Whenever I let them air-dry the look limp. If you decide to blow-dry your curls always use a diffuser! While blow-drying I don’t move the dryer unless it’s turned off (this also prevents frizz) and I make sure it’s on low power.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

Blow-drying helps me get more overall volume

Clipping Routine

This step is supposed to help with root volume. I have noticed a big improvement of my root volume after clipping my curls. Usually, I just leave the bobby pins in for about 10 minutes (depending on how much time I have).

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

Clipping your roots increased your volume

Almost done…

To finish off, I scrunch and shake my curls to make sure any hard drying products becomes soft.

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

To finish my styling routine, I shake my curls

And that’s it!

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

Done! My curls from the front and…

My Updated Curly Hair Routine

… from the back

  • Ashley
    January 2, 2017

    How do you change up your routine for the winter?

    • Sandra
      January 5, 2017

      I usually don’t change that much, but I make sure my curls don’t become too dry. I therefore use more conditioner and also do deep conditioning treatments more often..

  • Heather
    February 27, 2017

    Have you heard if they discontinued MopTop anti frizz gel medium? I can’t find it anywhere! Do you know of something that would work as a replacement? That gel (and your blog) is the reason I now wear my hair curly after 33 years of ponytails and flat irons! I’m a little bit devastated.

  • Sara
    April 18, 2017

    Do you recommend a certain blow dryer and diffuser?

  • Ana
    April 23, 2017

    Hello Sandra,
    I am from Portugal. I discover your blog a few days ago. Please let me know where do you shop the products you use.
    Congrats on your blog and thank you for all your tips! Best Regards,

    • Sandra
      April 23, 2017

      Hi Ana, I usually get them from

  • Denise
    June 26, 2017

    Hi Sandra, as I am from Switzerland as well, I am really wondering where you buy those Moptop products, especially the anti-frizz gel. I cannot find it in the NaturallyCurly Shop and neither on Amazon 🙁 Hope you can help me out! BR from Lake Constance <3

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