How to get healthy curls – a post for curly newbies

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Are you still thinking about maybe stopping to straighten your curls on a daily basis, or are you already new to wearing your hair naturally curly? Keep on reading if that’s the case or if you’re always thinking how other women’s curls just seem to be nicer than yours – believe me they don’t just have nicer curls, but there are certain tricks and techniques you can use to get such beautiful and healthy curls yourself!

When I still went to school I always thought that some people were born with gorgeous and healthy curls and that I myself was born with huge waves that looked like a lion’s mane. If you’re interested to see what that looked like, read my very first

Get gorgeous curls with only a little effort.

Get gorgeous curls with only a little effort.

post. Embracing my curls was quite a long journey and the most important thing I’ve learned is the following: No curly is born with beautiful and shiny curls, but you can help your curls to become healthier and by that more beautiful!

The key message of this post it that everyone can have beautiful curls, all you need to know is what products and techniques to use on your curls. I’m writing this post for the curly newbies who don’t believe they can get gorgeous curls in only a few weeks. Believe me, you can! This post isn’t a must read for you if you’ve already been following my blog for quite a while now as it’s summarizing the most important topics I’ve talked about on my blog.

Use the right products

Using the right products is the most important step to getting healthier curls. Products with sulfates in them are quite harsh and dehydrate your curls leaving them frizzy. After using a sulfate product you’ll have to get your curls more moisturized by using a product with silicones – this is kind a of a vicious cycle causing your curls to look lifeless. This is why I strongly recommend you to only apply sulfate and silicone free products to your curls.

Finding the right products for your type of curls also is the most difficult thing about being a curly: there are plenty of silicone and sulfate free products available (sadly not in Switzerland, but at least online :-)), but you need to know what ingredients are best for your curls. To know what your curls are craving, I wrote one article about how to find the right products for your curls and one about testing your curls’ porosity, which I think should already give you a good idea about what kind of products you should be looking for.

Finding the right products for your curls can be quite challenging.

Finding the right products for your curls can be quite challenging.

If you’re totally lost, I can recommend some products that work very well for my type of curls (3a with medium porosity). To see which products I’m using on a regular basis, read my posts about my favorite conditioners and about products I use.

What techniques help getting healthy curls?

First of all: Never ever brush your curls when they’re dry, but only comb them while they’re soaking wet and covered with conditioner. After washing your curls apply a styler you like, to see how I apply my styler, watch the following YouTube video:

Another important thing to know about curly hair is how to dry it. You can either let it air-dry or otherwise you can blow-dry it with a diffuser. Read my post about blow-drying curly hair if you don’t know what a diffuser is or how it’s used (I used it in a totally wrong way the first time I diffused my curls…).

Make sure your curls are well moisturized

Last but not least it’s crucial keep your curls well moisturized, because whenever that’s not the case your curls will end up looking really frizzy. If you’re actually struggling with frizz, read my 10 tips for frizz-free curls!


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