Braid your curls to get heatless beach waves

Hi dear curlies! Today’s post is a tip and a hairstyle in one, because these heatless beach waves don’t only look nice, but they’re also a great way to revive second day curls by re-adding volume to them.

Apart from a few hair ties, the only thing you need to get these heatless beach waves is time: at least a few hours, so it’s best to do this over night.

Should you try my method to get heatless beach waves?

I recommend trying this method to anyone struggling with pineappling for second day curls. However, it’s also great for you if you’d like to get your curls to be less curly!

I usually use this technique to revive my second or third day curls after having pulled them back all day. The following two pictures show my curls in a “before” state:

how to get heatless beach waves

This is what my curls looked like on a third day – the curls around my face have practically disappeared.

how to get heatless beach waves

The back of my curls actually still looked ok and not yet too straight.

How to get heatless beach waves:
how to get heatless beach waves

1. Braid all of your curls by incorporating them into one of about 6-7 “small” braids.

how to get heatless beach waves

2. To keep the braids from falling into my face I keep them back with a hair tie. To be able to do so, I recommend you to braid the braids close to your face already into this direction. Leave them like this for at least 2-3 hours, if you can throughout the night.

how to get heatless beach waves

3. After keeping your curls in the braids for that time,  open up all the braids and shake your curls – that’s it!

how to get heatless beach waves

Compared to the “before” pictures, my curls are a lot more voluminous now!


If you feel like your curls are too frizzy or don’t build nice clumps after you’ve opened the braids, feel free add some water-conditioner-mix (simply take a bit of conditioner into your hands and then add some water to it). In case this reduces the just gained volume too much, only add the water-conditioner-mix to your curls’ ends.


  • Sophie
    July 2, 2015

    Awesome! Could I add some water/conditioner mix before I braid my hair?

    • Sandra
      July 8, 2015

      Absolutely! If you do so, your curls will probably hold the hairstyle even a bit better. Be sure not to use too much of it, as it could leave you with wet-looking curls.

  • zeep
    July 28, 2015

    I impressed to see the Beach Wave Hairstyle . I love it and must try it.

  • Tanu
    October 29, 2015

    Hi !
    M ur new member who have subscribed…
    M from india i do hv curly n wavy hairs n they r frizzy n rough frim bottom.
    M in davos these dayz n going back to india on 4th.. I think davos water n weather suits me but still hairs r rough from bottom..
    What should i try to look them gud my hairs really upsets me😒
    Plz help me out…

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