Get more voluminous curls by cutting them right

Do you wish for more voluminous curls? Do you want to change that your curls hang down lifelessly and flat? If so, this article could be just for you! I’d like to describe how even small changes in the way you cut your curls can affect your curls’ volume.

Your curls change volume with length

The longer your curls are the less voluminous they usually get. This is because the additional weight elongates your curls, which then looks like your curls are hanging down more. Depending on your curls’ type you might appreciate how the additional length makes your curls less curly. However, having less curly hair that starts hanging down a bit, also leads to less volume. Especially if your curls are fine or more wavy than curly you might not like the way your curls hang down. No matter what type of curls you have, you need to figure out what length is perfect for you. Meaning you need to balance the two ends of the spectrum: volume vs. length.

voluminous curls

The longer my curls get, the less voluminous they are

Additional note for all type 3a curlies out there (me included): The ends of your curls tend to become curlier the longer your hair is. However this still comes with less curly hair around the roots, causing a flat top. Meaning you also need to figure out which you prefer: curlier top or ends 🙂

The way to do this is simply by trial and error. Try different lengths and see how you like them. So whenever you feel like your curls are too curly, let them grow longer. Whenever you feel like they’re not voluminous enough, try cutting them a bit. But when you go to see your hairdresser, please keep in mind that it’s not only about the length of your curls, but also about the layers.

Layers, layers, layers for voluminous curls

I actually can’t stress this one enough. Yes, a curly haircut needs lots of layers. Don’t be afraid of them, there’s no reason to be. Having your hair cut in various layers adds lots of volume to your curls, and it adds the volume right where you want it. If all of your curls were of the same length, the ends would be so much more voluminous than the upper part. This way, adding layers keeps you from looking like a pyramid (with no volume at the top, and lots of volume at the ends)…

So if you lack volume at the upper part of your curls: get more layers from top to bottom, this way the volume can be spread more equally. Your hair can be cut this way all around to create an all around voluminous look. Make sure your hairdresser doesn’t just add layers to the parts framing your curls (which is oftentimes done in straight hair).

voluminous curls

Get layers all around, also at the back to create an equally voluminous look

If you come from years of straightening, adding this many layers to hair might seem a bit weird. But keep in mind that curly hair is structured. Meaning you won’t be able to see these layers when looking at your hair. A good hairdresser will be able to make these layers blend in perfectly. This brings me to the last thing I’d like to talk about: finding a good hairdresser.

Find a hairdresser whom you can trust

To get your curls to look more voluminous, or to get them to look equally voluminous all around, you need to find a hairdresser whom you can trust. This one’s easily said, but hard to find. Depending on which country you live in, you can choose from many specialized hairdressers. If you still haven’t found on you trust, just ask other curlies, where they get their hair cut. If you live in a country where there are hardly any curly hairdressers, things can get a bit harder.  In that case you’ll probably need to see a normal hairdresser. When choosing one, make sure he/she listens to your wishes and cuts your curls the way you want them to be cut.

voluminous curls

Finding a good hairdresser is probably the biggest challenge!

So all in all, you see how important the right haircut is when it comes to voluminous curls. All these layers shape your curls and can really change the appearance of your curls! Just have a look a different profiles on social media, where you can look at various before and after pictures. They’re just amazing!

  • Sophie
    April 27, 2017

    I always get long layers. They give me a little volume but not TOO much. I love them and I think every curly should get layers 😊💜

  • Aka
    May 5, 2017

    Hello Sandra. I live in Geneva and have fine 3c curls. I haven’t yet found a hairdresser that can cut my hair properly. Do you have any addresses?

    • Sandra
      May 6, 2017

      Hi, I know the struggle of finding a good hairdresser all too well. Unfortunately I can’t help you find one in Geneva, as I don’t know any…

      • M
        May 8, 2017

        Google Deva Curl Stylists w your zipcode

        • Zaeobi
          October 12, 2017

          Zip codes are American… Last time I tried their website, it seems all their salons are only in the USA too…

  • Mila
    July 27, 2017

    Hi! I just found this blog and I’ve learnt so many great tips! So I’ve got a question for you. From doing a bit of research I’ve concluded that my hair is a 3a (just fyi) and last year I decided that my hair looked flat and frizzy and undefined (it was at that time to my waist when dry) so I cut it to collarbone length. This year I decided to grow it out but I’m not liking it, it’s not flat but I just prefer short hair. Now to the question, I’ve been thinking of getting long (to about my chin) bangs, do you think that that would work?

  • Anna
    August 6, 2018

    Hey Sandra! I love your blog, it really helps me tons – I’m just starting the CG method! Could you recommend any hairdressers in the Zurich area or even all of the Swiss-German speaking part of CH? I’m willing to take a 2 hour train drive to find a good hairdresser! 🙂

    Thank you!

  • Anne
    March 15, 2019

    Hi there what products do you use on your hair and what is your process?

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