get your curls ready for spring

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With temperatures getting warmer, there are certain (small) changes you should consider to get your curls ready for spring!

So, what exactly should you adapt to be ready for spring and summer? Actually, I think the goal is to keep things simple and just change what you feel is necessary! For me this mostly means experimenting with new hairstyles – the ones that keep my curls back for the really hot summer days…

get your curls ready for spring

Despite only trying to make small adaptions, I also change some products and parts of my routine. To see what all I change, read the whole article I wrote on this – published on 🙂

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  • Stacey Murray
    March 2, 2018

    You have the most beautiful curls! I love reading your posts and techniques.
    Do you have any advice on making your curls appear fuller and thicker? I’m getting older and my hair, curls, are getting thinner.
    Thank you.

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