My Curly Hair Journey

Having curly hair isn’t always easy and many curlies give up on their curls too quickly. In this post I’ll be taking you on my curly hair journey by talking about how I actually got to like and even love my curls.

There are so many curlies out there struggling on their curly hair journey because they don’t like their curls. Please don’t give up on your curls – believe me, I know how frustrating this journey can be. Until a few years ago I would have changed my curls for straight hair in the blink of an eye. Even worse, I didn’t even know I had curly hair for a really long time…

In my latest video on YouTube I’m talking you through my entire curly hair journey. I’m super excited (and nervous!) about this video, because it’s the first time ever that I’m actually saying (!) something. So, I hope you like it 🙂

Click here if you don’t see the video blow!

What’s your curly hair journey?

Tell me about your curly hair journey – have you always liked your curls or was there a certain moment that has changed your perception of your natural hair? And at what age did you start embracing your curls? I’d love to hear from you – just leave a comment below (or on Instagram or Youtube).

  • Jennifer Miloro
    September 8, 2016

    Hi! Long-time lurker, first comment! I had curly hair as a baby, but as I grew older it straightened, especially after I contracted headlice at age 5 and all my beautiful baby curls went limp from the chemicals and had to be chopped off. It all grew back in straight as a pin and stayed that way for years. I even got a very bad perm as a teenager just for some pizzazz. After the perm grew out, my hair actually grew back in wavy. I spent hours on my hair trying to blow dry it straight and then curling the ends with a curling iron, but it would just poof and frizz. I did have curly haired people in my family but they didn’t know how to take care of their curls either, just brushed right through them. I thought that perhaps my hair was simply damaged from hair dye, until I tried the Curly Girl method in 2006, age 24. Keep in mind, however, that I do not have curly hair. I have wavy hair. So the curly girl method, especially without the correct products, weighed my hair down and made it look very dirty. I gave up on the curly girl method because I disliked air drying my hair in cold temperatures. However, every summer I would air dry my hair and every year my waves grew wavier and wavier. However every winter I would flat iron my hair or wear it in a ponytail. Finally, in 2015 I absolutely wrecked my hair. I bleached it beyond all recognition and flat ironed it to death. It began falling out in clumps. I cut it all off to my chin and sort of gave up on it for a while. A year later, one day, after three months of only air drying it, I noticed ringlets happened without any coaxing. I looked back into the Curly Girl method, bought some Deva Curl products, and found your channel for styling techniques. I actually have very similar hair to yours, just a bit thinner and wavy, not fully curly like yours. I’ve been loving my shoulder length waves since March 2016 and have never been happier. I’ve even invested in a hood hair dryer so I can clip my hair for volume and let the hood dryer take care of it (the longer my hair gets, the more it weighs and hurts my neck to flip it over). I think I probably have 2b waves on my “canopy” and 3a curls beneath them, low density/hair loss near my crown and above my ears and high density towards my neck with different levels of porosity depending on the parts that still have bleach in them. Perhaps as my hair grows out/back in it will change again but for now I’m having a marvelous time!

    • Sandra
      September 8, 2016

      Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for your comment!

      I loved reading through your curly hair journey. I’m happy to hear that you’re now embracing your curls and that you can enjoy having curly hair, even though it must have been quite a journey to get there… I’m sure your curls will look even better once all of the bleach has grown out 🙂

      Keep on rocking your curls!

  • Ty
    September 10, 2016

    Love this video! You are so gorgeous!
    I was able to tame “the beast” in about high school. This was wayyy before curly hair was “in” and there were virtually no curly hair products on the market. I started using African American hair products and they changed my life! From there I’ve tweaked my routine. I used to hate my hair and long for straight hair and now I can’t imagine my life any other way! It suits my personality and makes me stand out in a crowd. It also has led me to wonderful people like you, Sandra 🙂 Thanks for all that you do to give girls the confidence to embrace their curls!

    • Sandra
      September 10, 2016

      Thank you so much for your comment!

  • Ysa
    September 18, 2016

    When I was little, I had no control over my hairstyle. My mother kept me with bangs and longer hair, which she always blow-dried. I was given typical kids’ shampoo/conditioner two-in-one products, and a bottle of Frizz-Ease. It was horrible to brush, and I oftentimes resembled Mufasa after the stampede. Until I got to sixth grade, I had no clue that I had curly hair. Even then, when I started to experiment, I had little knowledge, and was often bullied and gifted brushes by my “friends” for my untamable head of hair (there’s a ton of it, and it’s all somewhere between 3A and 3B). As the years went on, I gradually moved away from heat, and, starting after my Sophomore year of sigh school, I really only used my hairdryer once a year. Now, I don’t use it at all. My curls are kickin’ it now! Currently, I use the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus line alternating with the DevaCurl Lo-Poo and Conditioner (I don’t use these as often since they have alcohol as the second ingredient. I only alternate so my hair doesn’t start protesting the good stuff.) Now, I’m a Senior in high school, and my curls seem to be very well-known. I’m so protective of them now, and I plan my entire style around them.

    I just want to say that this is my first time seeing your material, and you are /fantastic/. It’s nice to see someone with, maybe not quite the same, but a close curl pattern to mine. You’re so helpful! I have to ask: How did you get your hair that long? Was there something special you did, or was it just time? Thanks in advance!

  • Bailey
    May 10, 2017


    I was wondering how you have your hair cut. I have been looking into getting my hair cut to the length of my shoulders (or a few inches past), but do not want the triangular hairdo. I really like the way that your hair looks. In particular, I was wondering if you have layers in your hair. I have read that short layers get rid of the triangular look if you want your hair shorter.

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