Do your curls need a protein treatment?

I could also title this post “What happens to your curls if you give them a protein treatment, although they don’t need one”. Because that’s exactly what happened. But let me start at the beginning – how you can actually know whether or not your curls need a protein treatment.

I’ve already written a post on how you know whether your curls need more moisture or more protein, which is a good guideline. However, your curls change and might suddenly need more protein or more moisture than before.

Do your curls need a protein treatment?

This is what my curls looked like when I though I needed a protein treatment

So when I looked at the picture of the last post about shampooing curly hair I figured my curls look really dry even when soaking wet and moreover they also felt brittle when I was combing them with my fingers. These are the typical signs your curls actually need a protein treatment. So it seemed like my curls were lacking some proteins, which is why I decided to add that protein treatment I got a while ago.


Try a protein treatment, if…

… your curls seem dry, although they got a lot of moisture

…your curls seem brittle


Be careful!

Using too much protein can be pretty bad for your curls. If you’re not sure whether you really need a protein treatment I suggest you to only add a new product to your routine with proteins (maybe a new conditioner) and take it step by step. If this new conditioner leaves you with nice curls, you might consider trying a protein treatment and leave it in just a few minutes, before applying it properly.


This is how you know you actually don’t need a protein treatment

Fortunately I didn’t leave it in as long as suggested and rinsed it already after 5 minutes. And I’m really glad I rinsed it so quickly, because my curls immediately started to feel stiff and sticky and they didn’t want to clump nicely. Even after diffusing upside down my curls still felt stiff and they just didn’t want to behave like the usually do. So I actually didn’t need a protein treatment at all!

Have a look at my curls after the protein treatment – they were really frizzy and mostly didn’t curl nicely:

Do your curls need a protein treatment?

This is what my curls looked like after the protein treatment

What to do after a protein treatment you actually didn’t need:

Moisture! Yes, that simple: You need to make sure your curls get a lot of moisture in order to get the protein – moisture balance right again. Depending on the amount of protein you’ve used, you’ll have to be a bit patient and wait a while until your curls are back to normal again, but they’ll get there. I suggest you to start with a good deep conditioner like this or this.

Until your curls are back to normal you need to treat them carefully as the could easily break. Therefore, keep in mind to only use hair ties without any metal and only pull your curls back loosely.


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