Appyling the KCCC styler

Hi there curlies!

In today’s post I’m writing about how I add the Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC) to my curls. Applying the KCCC styler can be a bit difficult to apply, because you can easily use too much of it.

You’ll know you’ve used too much of it if your curls don’t seem to dry even if you’ve blow-dried them or let them air-dry as usual. With most stylers this isn’t too big a problem, but with the KCCC this can be really annoying leaving you with greasy-looking curls.

I always add my styler in two steps: First I cover the back of my curls with it, then I flip my head over and cover the front and scrunch in the styler.

The following picture shows the amount of KCCC I’m using to cover the back of my curls (I’ll later add a bit more). Please be aware that I have quite a lot of hair and rather long hair. So if you’re hair’s shorter or you know you have less hair, also use less product!

applying KCCC

I add about this amount of the KCCC to my curls

I then add the above amount to the back of my curls by just gliding along the back of my curls. At this point I don’t rake through my curls anymore, because it breaks up my clumps. If you want your curls to form smaller clumps I suggest you rake in your product at this point (to do so use your styler-covered fingers as a comb).


applying KCCC

I rub my hands together to evenly spread the KCCC and then glide along the back of my curls

applying KCCC

I make sure all of my curls’ length get some KCCC

applying KCCC

I finish adding the KCCC to the back of my hair by distributing the styler like I’m putting my curls into a ponytail

I then flip over and start covering the front of my curls by scrunching in some additional KCCC. This is the amount I’m using:

applying KCCC

I scrunch in this additional amount of KCCC.

So you see this really isn’t a lot of additional product, but you won’t need more since you’ve already covered all your curls with enough product.

applying KCCC

I’m scrunching the additional KCCC in by scrunching my hands a few times at the same spot.

And that’s it! I continue my usual routine by plopping and then blow-drying my curls. As you can see in the first picture I also added some clips for additional volume. I then end the washing and styling routine by scrunching out the crunch (the first picture was taken before SOTC). To get a better impression of how my curls look after using the KCCC check out my third day curls in this post!

  • Nicole
    April 3, 2015

    Hi Sandra! I was led here by way of Naturally Curly, and after exploring your site, I think I realized I have 3A curls, too (I previously thought I was a 3B curlie). Anyway, I’ve always air dried my curls because I seem to have frizz issues with diffusers, but after reading your “To Blow-Dry or To Air-Dry” post (and seeing the results) I’m interested in re-trying the diffuser method.

    I don’t normally use gels because they tend to leave my hair feeling weighed down and looking stringy, but you mentioned using a styler with a gel-cast to help prevent frizz when blow drying. I’ve been eying Kinky Curly Curling Custard at the store, and now I’m thinking I should try it. Can you provide a review comparing this gel to other gels, and creams? I’ve used DevaCurl, Shea Moisture, and Aveda, and my problem with gels has always been weight, stickiness, film and residue, and hard lifeless curls. Thanks!

    • Sandra
      April 6, 2015

      Hi Nicole! I loved reading your comment, thank you! I was really surprised when I saw how different my curls looked after blow-drying… I mostly use gels and they usually don’t weigh down my curls – the only gel that has weighed my curls down was the Pattern Pusha by Curl Junkie. I think it’s probably not the gel, but its ingredients or using too much. If you decide to use a gel or the KCCC make sure to scrunch out the crunch once your curls are dry as to not end up with hard (wet-looking) curls. Hope this helps!

  • sarah
    January 20, 2016

    I am soooo happy I have found your site, I have been struggling lately with my curly hair.
    I have fine hair about your lengh and my curls are acting really flat, I have been using the kinky curly custard with ouidad tress effects gel ontop and my hair has been frizz free but a bit life less, I wanted to try the kinky curly alone but wasn’t sure on amounts to use.
    what would you recommend ?
    my hair is 2b – 3a I would say but fine and limp, can you recommend any thing to me ?
    thanks so much, sarah

    • Sandra
      January 20, 2016

      Hi Sarah, thank you! I think trying to use the KCCC could be a good idea as it will definitely weigh your curls down less when you’re only using one styler. To get a little more volume at the roots, you could try clipping them with normal bobby pins: I hope this helps!

      • sarah
        January 23, 2016

        hi Sandra
        I have tried the kinky curly custard alone ad it did give me more volumus curls and they were much softer but I did experience a bit more frizz, I have been trying to find where I can get your mop top gel in the uk but I cant find it any where, the only place I have found it to ship to e was in America and it was going to cost $60 shipping, way to much as I know it could easily be shipped for about $20 maximum, can you recommend any where to me where I can but this as I would love to try it.
        thank you again, you are a curly inspiration 🙂

        • sarah
          January 23, 2016

          p.s Sandra
          have you eve tried the mop top custard ? I have read it is a strong hold which my curls seem to need and I have found some at target in the us and they will ship to me in the uk for $20 which is great but they don’t have the frizz control gel only the daily conditioner and the custard.
          would you recommend this or do you think the gel is better ? then I can keep up my search for this.

          • Sandra
            January 24, 2016

            Hi Sarah, unfortunately I haven’t yet tried their custard, but it could be a good alternative. Maybe the anti-frizz gel wouldn’t be the best styler for you as it’s only medium hold… Do you also deep condition your curls from time to time (this could also help with the frizz) or you could try to leave in just a tiny bit of a leave-in conditioner!

  • sarah
    January 26, 2016

    thank you for your reply Sandra, I have been trying the kccc on its own the last couple of wash times and I have been loving the results apart from a little frizz on day one ( strangely day 2 is better 🙂 ).
    I usually put a tiny bit of kckt under it, I have never used a deep treatment for a long time as when I last used one my hair reacted badly, I’m not sure my hair likes shea butter ? it could have been that but my hair dose seem to like a bit of protein in mu conditioner ( I use ouidad balance conditioner, and it is wonder ).
    I have been going curly girl now for a year and I am getting the hand of things now, slowly but I still have a lot to lean so any tips fro you would be greatly welcomed, I love your hair :),
    I want your curls lol

    • Sandra
      January 29, 2016

      Hi Sarah, you’re welcome! I’m glad to hear that using the KCCC alone worked! It could very well be that your curls don’t like shea butter – this really depends on your curls’ property (mine also don’t particularly like it). Maybe leaving in some leave-in conditioner could help?

      • sarah
        January 29, 2016

        Sandra , I have just ordered some of the curl junkie curl rehab to do a deep condition so fingers crossed I have good result. I have ordered the banana and hibiscus one as I read good reviews on it. I am waiting for the curl junkie leave in conditioner that you use to come back in stock so I can try that too 🙂
        I am loving my curls more now thanks to your help.

        • Sandra
          January 31, 2016

          It’s great to hear you like your curls more now! I also hope that the products you’ve ordered work for your curls!

  • Jessica A
    January 11, 2017

    Hi! I have silently been stalking your post recently! This is a year old so I am not sure if you will actually ever see this. I am STRUGGLING with products. My hair is 2c/3b, thin, high pourous (a lot of blonde highlights). I have been experimenting with the KCCC and I LOVE the definition it provides. From about my ears down, it gives me the best hair! However, my roots and “halo” area are a mess! I think I need to try a gel on top of it. You don’t put the KCCC the whole way up to your roots do you? I am also experimenting a moisture protein balance (still not sure what my hair likes and hates) so that may play a part. Any suggestions are appreciated. Otherwise, I will just keep stalking! LOL

    • Sandra
      January 13, 2017

      Hi there! It’s great to hear from you 🙂 no, I don’t directly apply the KCCC to my roots, however close to it (maybe a little closer than 1 inch/2 cm). Maybe this could be the reason why your curls are frizzy above your ears?

      Depending on what your hair likes, you could try applying more conditioner closer to your roots and depending on your curls wash it out or even leave-it in. However, this only works if you root area is frizzy because it seeks more moisture.

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