Adding volume to curly hair?!

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Ok, so in my last post I wrote a review about the Pattern Pusha styling gel and how it left my curls looking flat. This is how I still got my curls to look more voluminous in just a few minutes without any difficult techniques: the zig-zag-part!

How to add volume to curly hair:

Just simply form a zig-zag-part by taking some sections from each side of your crown and crossing them onto the other side of your crown:

Adding volume to curly hair with the zig-zag-part

Try not to break up any clumps and don’t take sections that are located too far away from you crown while crossing. If you cross too many sections you’ll notice, because then your crown won’t look voluminous and also not natural (your roots’ll be getting to high).

Adding more volume to your curls is a trial and error process, just play with your crown a bit until you’re satisfied with the additional volume – but this surely won’t take longer than a few minutes!

I suggest this method in case your other techniques to add volume to your curls have failed you (I suppose all curlies know the phenomenon of styling your curls just like the other day, but having your curl looking totally different..). In case you’re adding the zig-zag-part to your routine it won’t look more voluminous after a while. That’s because the zig-zag-part only makes you curls look more voluminous because you’re breaking the routine of always parting your curls the same way.  So if you’re continuously lacking root volume I suggest reading my last post about clipping curly hair or trying a new styler (one that won’t weigh down your curls).


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