10 tips for frizz-free curls

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The following 10 tips for curly hair are my absolute favorites ones which I also apply on my curls on a daily basis. By clicking on the texts below you’ll be directed to the detailed post about each tip.

10 tips for curly hair

1. Only brush your curls when they’re soaking wet and covered with conditioner

Don’t brush your curls when they’re dry, but only comb them when you’re in the shower and your curls are soaking wet. To detangle your curls easier use a fair amount of conditioner.


2. Finger-comb your curls

Finger-comb your curls instead of using a brush or a comb. This is the most gentle way to detangle your curls without stretching them out.


3. Use a diffusor to dry your curls

If you decide to air-dry your curls make sure not to touch them at all until they’re totally dry. In case you want to blow-dry them always use a diffusor!


4. Use neither harsh shampoos nor silicones

Wash your curls with a sulfate- and silicone-free shampoo. If you decide to follow the Curly Girl Method be sure to neither use sulfates nor silicones. Just not using one of the above leaves you with either dried out or producty curls.


5. Curls don’t like terry towels

It’s a great idea to start drying your curls by removing excess moisture – if you do so use either a microfiber towel or an old t-shirt instead of a terry towel. 


6. Revitalize your second-day curls

Put your curls into a pineapple at night and revitalize them the next morning by adding a water-conditioner mix.


7. Get your curls to clump nicely

There are two different strategies to achieve nice clumps depending on whether you wish your curls to clump less or to build bigger clumps.


8. Scrunch out the crunch for bouncy and shiny curls

If your curls always look like they’re still wet, this is the tip for you! Scrunch your curls as soon as they’re totally dry and your curls will look absolutely bouncy and shiny!


9. Clip your curls to get more root volume

Clip your roots with normal bobby pins to get additional root volume – this really works!


10. Get more volume within 5 minutes

The zig-zag-part is a real life-saver to get more volume even if your curls don’t want to behave at all..

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