My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

Half-updos are my go to hairstyles on non-washing days. I just love how they keep the curls out of my face while at the same time I’m able to wear (at least a part of them) down. So here are 5 of my favorite half-updos for curly hair!

N0. 1: The Elegant High Ponytail

My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

This one is super easy to create!

Pull the top part of your curls back and fix them with a small hair tie. Then cover the hair tie with a small hair strand – just wrap it around the hair tie, then fix it with a bobby pin

No. 2: The Fishtail Half-Updo

If you think No. 1 is too boring, you should give this one a try:

My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

This hairstyle might feel like some kind of arm workout 🙂

Instead of leaving your curls in a ponytail, continue to create a fishtail braid. Although I think it looks really pretty, it’s probably not the kind of hairstyle to create early in the morning as it might take a while (the longer your curls, the longer it will take to create this). Similar, but easier is the half-up pull through braid!

No. 3: The Half-Up Bun

My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

Not a ponytail, but a small bun.

To create this hairstyle, pull back the top part of your curls to create a ponytail, which you fix with a small hair tie. Get another hair tie and create a bun. I also like messier versions of this hairstyle!

No. 4: The Elegant Half-Updo

I have seen this hairstyle quite often on straight hair, but I definitely also like the way it looks on curly hair:

My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

A simple and classy half-updo

For this hairstyle, you will need some bobby pins, but no hair ties: Grab a section from left of your parting line and bring it back while allowing it to lie “flat” on your head. Fix it underneath your curls with 1-2 bobby pins. Then, repeat the same with curls from the other side of your parting line.

No. 5: The French Braid Half-Updo

The last half-updo is for those of you, who can’t get enough of this season’s braided hairstyles:

My Top 5 Half-Updos for Curly Hair

The French Braid Half-Updo

French braid the front part with your curls from both sides of your parting line, then continue braiding your curls normally. Then fix the two braids with a hair clip.

Feel free to mix any of these half-updos – there are so many possibilities to create beautiful new hairstyles!

  • Sophie
    April 29, 2016

    These are all so pretty! I also like to do a high ponytail like Ariana Grande- but I try to do it not quite as tightly as she does! 😊

  • Vulcan Princess
    April 29, 2016

    Love the french braid! It looks elven 😀

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