How to style the perfect curly bun

Styling a curly bun doesn’t need to be difficult at all – actually it’s one of the easiest and at the same time classiest hairstyles there is. Style your curls this way and you’re set to go anywhere from work to your friend’s wedding. Last but not least you needn’t worry about your hairstyle falling apart, as this one will definitely hold up for a very long time!

The tutorial to this hairstyle surely looks more complicated than it is – give it a try to see how easy it actually is. The only exhausting part is having to hold up your arms for a few minutes while incorporating the donut. But hey, that’s a good workout for your arms 😉

You’ll need:

  • a donut (like this one from H&M) – make sure to choose the color that best matches your hair
  • 1 hair tie
  • some bobby pins


How to style the curly bun:
how to style the perfect curly bun

1. Put all of your curls in a ponytail. If you wish your bun to be higher, just pull your curls into a higher ponytail.

how to style the perfect curly bun

2. Put your ponytail through the hole of the donut. Only pull about 5 cm/2 inches of your curls through (a little less than you can see in the picture – styling your bun is easier this way).

how to style the perfect curly bun

3. Cover the donut with your ends and put them underneath the donut, all around it – from its’ outside to the inside – I use my thumbs to push my curls underneath the donut. Make sure your curls fully cover the donut.

how to style the perfect curly bun

4. Repeat step 3. As all of your curls need to be wrapped around the donut this way, don’t only wrap your curls around it, but also start to turn the donut inside out (away from its’ hole). This almost happens naturally when you’re tucking all of your curls underneath the donut).

how to style the perfect curly bun

5. Continue with this motion until all of your curls are wrapped around the donut and the donut reaches your scalp. Look into a mirror to make sure all curls are “in” the donut – if you find some loose ones just put them under the donut. In case your curls don’t hold this hairstyle by themselves fix them with some bobby pins.

how to style the perfect curly bun

6. Done!

Usually, I don’t need more than 2-3 bobby pins to fix loose curls as the texture of the donut really helps to keep all curls in the hairstyle. As always when styling curly hair, this hairstyle doesn’t need to be perfect, but I suggest you to make sure to not pull back your curls too tight. This way your natural curl pattern will still be visible.

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  • Alexis
    July 21, 2015

    Beautiful! Definitely will try this method

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