My winter routine for shiny curls

Although it hasn’t snowed in Switzerland since New Year’s it’s definitely winter with its cold temperatures and dry air. Exactly this makes it more challenging to get shiny and bouncy curls as the air is pretty dry – not only outside, but also inside due to the heating. That’s why I slightly adapt my usual routine to a winter routine.

I’ve read about people who completely change their routine and products during winter. But as mentioned above, I only slightly change my routine to make sure my curls stay healthy and well moisturized. Only this way they’ll get to be as shiny and bouncy as they are during the warmer summer months (oh, how I’m missing summer – please come back soon!).

winter routine

I only change two little things to get from my summer to my winter routine!

For my winter routine, I pretty much only change these two things:

  1. I don’t rinse all of the conditioner after detangling (with the KCKT) and combing (with the MopTop or the CurlJunkie conditioner) my curls. As I still need to rinse all my curls after combing them to get my curls to clump nicely, I add a bit of additional conditioner after rinsing to just the ends of (approx. the lower 10 cm; 4 inches).
  2. During the colder months I use deep conditioners on a regular basis (about once a week). I’ve already written a review about the Eden Bodyworks deep conditioner conditioner, but for today’s winter routine I used a deep conditioner from MopTop (see the picture below) and I also liked it a lot and as you can see it definitely left me with shiny curls all the way to the ends!
winter routine

The MopTop deep conditioner is great to get my curls enough moisture during winter

And that’s already all I change to get from my summer to my winter routine, it’s just about the small changes that matter!

If you’ve read my last article about coloring curly hair you’ve probably noticed my curls already being totally normal again! So if you’re coloring your curls don’t worry at all if they’re behaving a bit weird right after coloring them!

P.S: Have you noticed how much curlier my curls get as the grow longer? It’s supposed to be typically 3a and I absolutely love it (I wish they were even curlier)!

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