Why I started blogging about curly hair

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What curly haired women doesn’t know this moment: You’re looking into the mirror after washing and drying your curls and then you see it – the part of your hair that just doesn’t want to curl properly, that frizzy spot or that flat top… You have three options to cope with it:

  1. You try to fix it with complicated methods and techniques – if this doesn’t work out you’ll probably end up with option 2
  2. You’re annoyed by your curls and just pull them back, so nobody can see your curls’ weak spot
  3. You decide it’s ok if your curls don’t always look perfect and feel good about them anyway

You’ll find many articles to help you try new methods to “fix” your curls and you’ll also see a lot of hairstyles idea not only on this blog, but all over the internet. But when it comes to accepting your curls the way they are it’s all up to you!

Accept your weak spots

This is exactly the reason why I’ve decided to start my “curly hair blog” and why I’m really excited to write articles for NaturallyCurly.com! I don’t only want to write about tips and tricks on how to handle curly hair or what products are great, but I want to spread some curly love.

I think it’s important that the next time you see that weak spot when looking into the mirror you don’t just hide it with a nice hairstyle, but that you look at it and just accept it is there. We usually are our own worst critic and interestingly I tend to get most compliments on my curls on days, when I see lots of weak spots. So, don’t focus on the parts you don’t like about your curls, but think about what you love about your curls!

Why you should love your curls

I’m sure you can think of some reasons why you love your curls. Maybe you love them, because they make you unique or because there’s no need to wash them on a daily basis. There are various reasons why to love your curly hair, no matter how little or unimportant these reasons might seem. For me the strongest reason to love my curls is because they make me unique, kind of like my USP (for those of you who are into marketing). But seriously, isn’t it nice to be described as the one with the curly hair? I love it, because nobody will ever describe me as the short one, the one with the glasses or the one with the big nose. I’ll just be the curly one and I like it!

Spread the curly love

Feel good about your curls and help others feel good about their curly hair as well. So instead of only thinking how someone else’s curls look nice, healthy or shiny, compliment her and spread the curly love! Everyone sees these weak spots when looking into the mirror, also the girl who’s curls you envy. So the next time you see someone with beautiful curls, just approach her and compliment her on her beautiful curls and don’t envy them (well, maybe a little) and make her day!

If you need some more inspiration to really spread the curly love, take a look at this cute Youtube video from Dove.

  • Jasmin
    March 5, 2015

    Hey there,

    Since you are from switzerland, would you join our facebook group “curly girls swiss”? 🙂 we are follow the curly girl method and its always nice, to know someone, who knows already the method and has tested some of the products that are good for curls.

    • Sandra
      March 6, 2015

      Hi Jasmin! What a nice group, I’ll be sure to join you!

  • Sophie
    March 6, 2015

    Aw! I enjoyed reading this so much! You’re my favorite curly blogger 😀

    • Sandra
      March 6, 2015

      Thank you so much, Sohpie! 🙂

  • Andrea
    July 22, 2015

    Hello from Australia!

    I have disliked my thick curly, often frizzy, hair my entire life. Most of the time I scrape it back (I have to for my work) and try to ignore the frizzy curls at the back. I smile politely and grimace inside, when I get a comment about my “beautiful curly hair … Is it natural? You’re so lucky”. Surely they’re just being polite. Feels more like a curse than luck. I have many a time been tempted to chop it all off but have not, because off remembering a cousin with similar hair who chopped it and it looked so bushy! I have tried every product under the sun, and dry my hair with a diffuser. Some days I like it ok, but most I don’t.

    I have been sadly watching my 10 year old daughters hair start to become curly, and thought to myself “poor her, she is going to grow up with awful curly frizzy hair like her mother.”

    Last week for no reason at all, I googled curly hairstyles and I found your blog! An hour went by while I explored and watched videos. It was like a light bulb had gone on. Maybe my hair wasn’t naturally frizzy? I was apparently doing mostly all the wrong things. Sulphates, silicone, terry towels, brushing before adding styler, diffusing (but leaving the hair dryer on the whole time)

    I bought some new products, and followed your advice on washing, plopping, scrunching, gliding, diffusing. Took only 5 minutes longer than my usual routine.

    I cannot BELIEVE the results! I am over the moon! My curls look amazing! And I am sure they will look even healthier over the months to come with the products free of sulphate and silicone.

    Not to exaggerate but it is almost life changing! I no longer refer to my hair as my “hair”, they are my curls. I watched how you handle them while styling them into buns or pony tails – it’s an epiphany, suddenly I understand! I am in my late 30’s and now I am proud to be curly!x

    Now I HOPE my daughter will inherit my curls and I will know what to teach her, how to look after them, they are not an enemy, they are a GIFT!

    Thank you for your wonderful blog! X

    • Sandra
      July 22, 2015

      Hi Andrea, thank you so much for sharing your curly story! I’m sure a lot of women feel exactly the way you did about your curl – I also wished to have straight hair for many years until I learned to not only accept, but love my curls. I’m really happy to hear you’re starting to like your curls and I’m sure they look wonderful. With a little more time they’ll surely get even healthier.

      I loved reading your comment as this is exactly why I started this blog and it makes me incredibly happy to hear my blog has helped you with your curly journey! I’d love to hear from you again!

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