New in – Can you guess my favorite brand?

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Hi there curlies! Sorry for not posting in so long – I ran out of products and had to wait for my favorite products to arrive. Even though CurlMart usually sends them really quickly I tend to forget to order new products, which is why I usually need to get by (about 1 week) without my beloved products for curly hair. But hey, waiting for them is totally worth it – I’m already now excited to try the Mop Top conditioner and also their deep conditioner!

I always try to really buy enough conditioner, because washing my curls without a silicone-free conditioner will just leave me with frizzy hair! In case you run out of products it’s easiest to wash your curls without shampoo. If your curls aren’t prone to build up you might not even use shampoo every time you wash your curls.

However, if you’re out of conditioner or styler it’s wore. In this case I suggest putting your curls up in a bun (this way frizz won’t be that obvious). I’ll keep you posted on which products I liked!

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