My Curly Hair Travel Essentials

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Traveling with curly hair always means packing certain products and hair accessories with you. Today I’d like to share what I have packed for a 10 days trip. I always try to limit myself to a certain number of products and accessories, because I don’t want them to make up for half of my luggage :-). If you are only traveling for a few days, read my traveling diary, in which I have described what I would pack for a city trip.

My Curly Hair Travel Essentials

What products to pack:

Ok, so let’s talk products first: There are some products you can’t miss on any trip! I always bring the following products:

  • 1 shampoo
  • 1 conditioner
  • 1 styler

However, I did pack a little more…. I brought along 2 different types of conditioner: the Kinky Curly Knot Today to detangle my curls and the MopTop leave-it-in conditioner to revive my curls on second days.

Hair accessories you will need:

When traveling I like to have the possibility to pull back my curls whenever I feel like it! This is why I usually bring different hair ties (always bring more than one, because hair ties can break!). I also packed a donut to be able to pull my curls into a nice looking bun (this also is a great hairstyle to go out in the evening). And be sure to bring enough bobby pins (they certainly have a tendency of disappearing).

What else to bring along:

If you also like to blow-dry your hair, I recommend packing your dryer (of course with the diffuser). I know this uses up quite some space in a suitcase, however I think it’s totally worth it. Despite the fact that many hotels provide a complementary dryer, it usually comes without a diffuser.

Another thing that I have previously forgotten to bring along is an old t-shirt or a towel that was specifically designed to plop my curls with. And you really don’t want to use a terry towel to dry your curls..

And that’s it! Enjoy your holidays 🙂

  • sarah
    February 15, 2016

    hi Sandra
    which leave in would you say is the best for you for your second day hair for refreshing ,between your mop top leave in or your curl junkie smoothing lotion ? and why ?

    • Sandra
      February 28, 2016

      Hi Sarah, I normally use the Curl Junkie Smooting Lotion to refresh my second day curls and apply the Mop Top leave-in when I’m washing my curls. The Curl Junkie seems to give me better second day results – however, if you’re only looking to buy one leave-in for both occasions I’d recommend the Mop Top one (it seems to be more moisturizing)!

  • Perle
    February 16, 2016

    Hi Sandra!
    I just bring my diffuser, not the hairdryer. I have figured out a way to tie it to any hair-dryer, with just shoeslaces (or cute ribbons!) and elastics. I can send you a picture if you want. A hairdryer takes too much space AND weight!
    Also, in hotels, hostels or guesthouses, sometimes there are some cheap hairdryer attached to a wall in the bathroom, which are horrible. But I found in 80% of the places I went to, if you ask at the lobby, they have a real hairdryer that they can lend! Sometimes, there’s even the diffuser in the box with it:)
    Other than that, I just discovered your blog and thank you so much for all the advice! I always dried my curls moving the diffuser up and down all along. Last time, I tried your “no moving” technique and my curls looked awesome! Both my boyfriend and my mom noticed how better they looked, which is a good sign 🙂
    Among the products you use I only know the Kinky Curly ones, which I used for a while. Now I use Camille Rose Naturals, and my curls have never looked better, even if I lost a lot of my hair last year. I can’t recommend them enough.
    Perle from France.

    • Sandra
      February 28, 2016

      Hi Perle, that’s a good idea! I need to try that too, because it was so annoying to bring along the dryer and the diffuser (took up so much space!). It’s great to hear that the drying-technique worked for you!

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