Love Your Curls and All Your Edges

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I’m super excited about today’s post, which is about the best wedding surprise and about loving your curls. Why cover these topics in the same article? Because loving your curls was part of the best wedding present..

After sharing my wedding hairstyle (which also comes with tips on how to be happy with your wedding hair), I now want to show you the wedding gift that I’ve gotten from my husband. I didn’t know anything about it and saw it for the first time on our wedding day – a truly wonderful present. To see what it is, watch my latest video on YouTube and listen closely to the video message. Be careful when scrolling, there’s a spoiler right below the video 🙂


Click here if you don’t see the video above!

Isn’t that an awesome present?

I still can’t believe that John Legend sent his greetings and was even talking about curly hair! Every time I watch it, it just makes me smile and whenever I hear the song “all of me”, I keep hearing love your curls and all your edges… It’s just truly wonderful and I hope that this also is an inspiration for all the curlies out there.

So, let’s spread some curly love!

This video meant so much to be, because I used to hate my curls and wish for straight hair (watch my YouTube video to learn more about my curly hair journey). So after years of straightening my curls, I appreciated my curls so much, that I also wanted to have my hair (naturally) curly on my wedding day. In my opinion, loving your curls isn’t about always having perfect curls (sometimes they just don’t want to behave). But it’s about feeling self-confident and at ease with yourself. Try not to worry too much about that bit of frizz or lack of volume, because usually we are our own’s worst critic.

So remember to love your curls and all your edges!

  • Ty
    October 1, 2016

    Wow! What a beautiful and thoughtful gift! Your husband just won husband of the year!

  • Christina @ Hair Romance
    October 5, 2016

    What an amazing gift! I would be totally surprised too 🙂

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