How much shedding is normal?

Many curlies are shocked when looking at the hair they shed on washing days. But don’t worry it’s absolutely natural that curlies shed more hair while washing their hair

Why do curlies loose more hair on washing days?

The answer as to why we shed more hair on washing days than straight haired people is actually pretty simple – we don’t loose a lot of hair on non-washing days:

  1. Unlike straight haired people we can’t brush our hair daily, but we only comb our curls while washing them, thus we don’t really shed curls on non-washing days.
  2. And even if we do loose some hair on non-washing days they usually get stuck somewhere in our curls (just like all the bobby pins you’ve lost somewhere in your curls..) and they finally come out when we comb our curls.
How much shedding is normal for curly girls?

So, that’s why we shouldn’t be shocked when looking at the curls we shed after washing our hair. To show you how much shedding is absolutely normal for me, I took two different photos the amount of hair I lost while washing my curls. Because the numbers of non-washing days define how much you shed it’s important to know how many day of not washing my curls I’ve been going before taking the pictures.

If you’re easily freaked out by hair that’s been shed, you’d better not look at the following two pictures (they’re not pretty, but for sure informative).


how much shedding is normal?

The amount of hair I lost after one non-washing day.

how much shedding is normal?

The amount of hair I lost after 3 non-washing days.


Although it might seem like a lot of shedding,  I’ve shed about these amounts when washing my curls ever since I’m wearing my hair curly. As I’ve never suffered from any king of hair loss I consider these amounts to be normal.

You should do something against shedding, in case….

… you’re shedding a lot more and on top of that you also notice having less hair: There’s a lot of information on this topic in the internet, but seeing a dermatologist certainly isn’t a bad idea either.

… all of the hair you loose are short. You’re experiencing breakage: make sure your protein-moisture balance is right and reconsider the hair ties you’re using


  • Terri Ann
    April 23, 2015

    Thank you so much for sharing this. We call it the “hair monster” at my house and it’s enormous sometimes but I know it’s cause while I shed a bit on no-wash days I shed a LOT on wash days, which are now usually 4 days apart with the exception for 2 days in a row if I have a fire in the back yard,

    • Sandra
      April 27, 2015

      Thanks for sharing, I think calling it hair monster it great, because it also sounds somewhat cute!

  • BBW Nadia
    April 25, 2015

    Little over a year ago i experienced excessive hairfall. At first i thought it was breakage. But after a salon blow out i noticed how thin my hair had become. I did manage to remedy the hairfail to a large degree using a black tea rinse. But shortly after this episode i found out I was diabetic. I never knew type 2 diabetes could cause hairfall. After going on treatment, my hairfall is minimal. And i really haven’t done anything out of the ordinary since starting treatment for diabetes. First stop when you discover excessive hairfall IMO is a thorough medical check up.

    • Sandra
      April 27, 2015

      Hi Nadia, thank you so much for sharing your hair loss story! Seeing a doctor can be crucial, I’m glad you’re not experiencing any more hair loss!

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