Curly hair traveling guide: hairstyle diary

I’m sharing the second part of my curly hair traveling guide with you: Today it’s all about to question what hairstyles to wear while traveling. To answer this question I shot a hairstyle diary while I was in Barcelona.

As I’ve already mentioned in my first curly hair traveling guide, I suggest you to either wash your curls the day before travel day or on the travel day. In case you have a long flight ahead of you, I suggest you to wash your curls the day before you travel. Since the flight from Zurich to Barcelona doesn’t even take 2 hours, I washed my curls on the day we travelled there. Once we’ve landed in Barcelona I put my curls into a half-updo, like I did the following day:

Day 1: Daytime 
Curly Hair Traveling Guide: Hairstyle Diary

On the first day I put my curls into a half-updo using a hair clip

Whenever possible I like to wear my curls down. But when traveling to a city I just don’t like to have all of my curls down (as this can sometimes get quite hot), which is why I put them into an easy half-updo. After discovering Barcelona we spent some time at our hotel’s pool, where I put my curls into a messy bun.

Day 1: Evening
Curly Hair Traveling Guide: Hairstyle Diary

For the night, I then put my curls into a bun using a donut.

Once I’ve put them into a bun, there no going back to another hairstyle, but I styled it up a bit for the evening. To not only make your bun more elegant, but to also get your curls to easily stay within the bun, use a donut.

Day 2: Daytime
Curly Hair Traveling Guide: Hairstyle Diary

I didn’t feel like washing my curls, so I put them into a ponytail.

When I’m on vacation, I usually don’t wash my hair in the morning, because I’d rather have them look really nice for the evenings. Which is exactly what I did on our second day in Barcelona.

Day 2: Evening
Curly Hair Traveling Guide: Hairstyle Diary

I washed my curls before going out for dinner

If I had to chose a favorite hairstyle, this would definitely be it – I absolutely love to wear my curls down! Unfortunately I don’t like how often I’d have to wash them to always have them look this way…

Day 3: Daytime
Curly Hair Traveling Guide: Hairstyle Diary

Again the half-updo!

This picture was taken on the day we flew back to Zurich. During the flight, I exchanged the hair clip with a hair tie, because it’s really uncomfortable to sit back in an airplane seat with a hair clip.

Stay tuned for my third post about traveling with curly hair, in which I’ll be talking about what hair-related things you should pack!

  • Sophie
    August 13, 2015

    Nice ideas! 🙂

  • Stacia
    September 12, 2015

    Lovely photos! Thanks for the ideas and suggestions!

  • Curly Who Needs Help
    June 12, 2016

    How do you keep your baby hairs tamed when you wear your hair up in a bun/pony? All of my little hairs/fly aways go everywhere when I try to wear my hair up and I feel so insecure about it :/

  • Fran
    December 18, 2021

    Where can I find the larger purse from the day 3 photo?

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