Do your curls need protein or moisture?

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To get healthy, shiny and bouncy curls you need to figure out how much protein or moisture your curls need. Depending on your curls’ texture you’ll need to adjust your protein – moisture balance by applying the right products for your curls!

I’ve already written a post about how to find the right products for your curls, in today’s post I’ll be talking about this more detailed. Finding the products that are right for your type of curls isn’t easy, but I’m sure this post can help!

Let’s talk about your curls’ texture to find out whether your curls need more protein or moisture:

Fine hair

If you take a look at a single hair it’s very thin, almost like it weren’t there. Since your hair is quite thin it can be easily over-conditioned and therefore look limp and be just hanging down, not having a lot of volume. Also it’s typical for fine hair to have some fly-aways and not to hold a style very well. In order to get your hair to become stronger it’s good to use some proteins. Especially if you notice your curls loosing their curl-pattern and hanging down, you should use less moisture and more proteins!


Medium hair

Your curls are medium if you neither have very thin nor very thick hair – I suggest you quickly read the descriptions of fine and coarse hair to find out whether you have medium hair. If your curls are medium consider yourself lucky: You need to find a balance between moisture and protein, but your curls can better accept lacking protein or moisture than fine or coarse hair.


Coarse hair

If you take a look at a single hair it’s very thick and seems to be a bit stiff. Since your hair already is strong and thick you should avoid proteins, as too much protein will make your curls seem straw-like and extremely stiff. However, make sure your curls get enough moisture.


The classification above worked pretty well for me. If you’re not really sure what texture your curls have, I suggest you to try a product with protein. If your curls feel great afterwards they needed the additional protein. If you afterwards notice your curls to be straw-like even when they’re totally wet I suggest you to stop using proteins and focus more on adding moisture to your curls (a deep conditioner is great to get more moisture!). Please be aware that it doesn’t mean your curls will never need any proteins even if they don’t like it now. As it’s about finding the right balance between protein and moisture it’s something you’ll need to try every once in a while.

How do you know which products to get?

Since I’m a bit too lazy to be looking at the ingredients list of all the products I get, I usually order them on NaturallyCurly and check if they’re protein free or protein rich.

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  • LeeBailey
    March 7, 2018

    I have curls but they are frizzy curls. I have been told that each strand of my hair is baby fine, it’s course, also very thick and my hair holds water. I don’t know how to work with this type of hair. Is there any hope

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