Australia Travel Diary Part I

Hi there curlies! I’m still Down Under, but I figured it was time for the first part of my Australia travel diary! Traveling and especially packing your bags involves a lot of planning. Plus, you also want your curls to look flawless on all these pictures taken while traveling! I therefore put together some tips that should help you get there 🙂

Your curls on the way to your destination

Depending on the type of traveling you’re planning to do, maintaining great curls can be pretty easy or a real challenge. But no

Australia Travel Diary Part I

When traveling, I like to wear any kind of half-updo!

matter what you’re up to during your travels, getting there by airplane can be the first challenge for your curls. So when we flew to Australia (which is a 22 hour flight from Switzerland) I just put my curls into a “boring” ponytail. Why? I knew there was no way they’d look great after such a long flight and neither would I – so at least my curls and I matched…

However, if you’ve only got a short flight ahead of you, your chances of getting there with a great hairstyle are good. Since my curls always end up super-static after each and every flight (does this only happen to me?), I recommend you to put your curls into some kind of updo. You could try the rope braid, or the pull through braid to have an exciting hairstyle even after your flight.

Haircare and hairstyles while traveling

When I’m at home I always diffuse my curls, because I like them better when they’re curlier and have more volume. However, when traveling I

Australia Travel Diary Part I

I usually don’t wear my curls open when I’m traveling

don’t always bring my diffuser with me (or sometimes it doesn’t work in foreign countries). And even if I take it along, I sometimes don’t feel like diffusing my curls – it just takes up so much time! So, I let my curls air-dry more often. Since I can’t manage not to touch them while they’re still wet, I usually just put them into two french braids to let them air-dry.

Since air-drying doesn’t get me the best curl-results, I often wear them in any kind of half-up (see my Instagram for more pictures). This way they’re not only out of my face, but also the lack of volume doesn’t show that much. Once they’re not suitable anymore for a half-updo, I just pull them back into a ponytail, before I finally wash them again.

But most importantly…

… try not to focus on your frizz or the lack of volume or whatever it is that’s bugging you. Instead, try to solve that problem by creating different hairstyles that look good on you! This way you won’t click through your pictures thinking how frizzy your curls were, but how beautiful that hairstyle was!

Australia Travel Diary Part I

Or, just spin around to get great hair photos 🙂

  • Judie Loveday
    October 20, 2016

    Where are you in Australia? Would love to meet you if you’re in Sydney.

    • Sandra
      October 25, 2016

      Unfortunately we’ve already been to Sydney almost 2 weeks ago – what a beautiful city though!

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