Australia Travel Diary Part II

After 4 wonderful weeks of traveling through Australia we’re back to winter in Switzerland and it’s finally time to post the second part of my Australia Travel Diary. In part one of my Travel Diary, I wrote about hairstyles during the flight and generally about curly haircare during your vacation. In this second part I’d like to focus more on what to bring along for such a long itinerary.

How much product and hair accessories to bring along?

Australia Travel Diary Part 2

Try to limit the products and accessories you bring along for your curls!

When I was packing for our 4 weeks of traveling through Australia, I didn’t really know how many different products and hair accessories I should bring along. On the one hand I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed for my curls, but on the other hand I didn’t want to them to make up for half of the suitcase. Also, I didn’t want to have a too heavy suitcase, because we usually only stayed in the same place for 1-2 nights.

The curly hair products I packed

I therefore decided to limit myself to the absolute necessary: 1 shampoo,

Australia Travel Diary Part 2

When in doubt: Create a half-updo 🙂

2 conditioners and 1 styler. When leaving Switzerland I was a bit worried that these wouldn’t be enough, but it turned out to be perfect: I didn’t have to buy any new products while in Australia! However, I should mention that I also packed my blow-dryer (with the diffuser) and the Only Curls Towel. Even though I didn’t always diffuse my curls, I was really happy to have brought it along!

Only bring along the most important hair accessories

To be able to create different hairstyles, I brought different hair accessories: some hair ties (small and big ones), enough bobby pins, a donut and a hairband. I think it’s important to bring enough hair ties, because I somehow manage to constantly break them. Also, don’t pack exactly the amount of bobby pins that you need for a certain hairstyle – remember that they have the tendency to disappear 🙂

Australia Travel Diary Part 2

I’m glad I only packed the most important products!

And that’s it! I’m glad I really limited myself to only pack the necessary products and accessories, because usually I need less than I think.. Especially if you only have limited space in the suitcase, it’s good to only pack the most important curly hair products.

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