And the winners are….

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First of all: Thank you so much for taking part in this giveaway and also for commenting on why you’d like to win one of the Darshana hair oil bottles! I loved reading through your comments and was truly overwhelmed by them.

Reading your comments I can totally relate to them and I surely understand why each of you would like to win one of the bottles. It also took me such a long time to accept my own curly hair that I sometimes couldn’t imagine that I might actually like my curls one day. If you’re still struggling with your naturally curly hair, don’t give up and keep on trying new products and techniques to find the ones that best fit your type of curls – it’ll be well worth it! And most importantly: don’t be your own worst critic and accept your curls the way they are!

Reading your comments made it impossible for me to choose the 4 winners as it seemed unfair for me to choose whom to give a chance to try this product. I therefore decided to randomly select the four winners, which is why I used a random generator to come up with 4 number which then correlated to 4 of your comments.

So, the 4 winners are:

  • Gm
  • Alexis
  • Jackie
  • Cindy (Cindy1670)

I’ve already sent an e-mail to the four of you so you can send me your addresses! I hope you enjoy the Darshana Hair Oil as much as I do and I’d love to hear from you once you’ve given it a try!


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