10 things I’ve experienced because I’m a curly

Hi curlies, today is a different kind of post! I want to share situations I’ve experienced because I’m a curly girl. So I put together 10 fun facts that I’ve all experienced myself and that I think probably most curly girls have experienced before. So don’t take this post too serious and let’s think of the fun situations we’ve experienced because we’re curlies.

Let me know what you think about them and if you’ve experienced these or other situations that you think most curlies have been in. I’d love to read these in a comment from you!

I think these 10 things are typical for being a curly:

  1. Loosing bobby pins in your curls…. On Instagram I’ve read the funny slogan: “Wherever they are, I hope they’re happy.”
  2. Random people coming up to you, asking: “Can I touch your hair?” Or worse, they just touch it without asking first…
  3. Inadvertently destroying hair ties: I seriously can’t remember how many hair ties I’ve broken, but definitely too many – I always take at least one spare hair tie with me when leaving the house in case I accidentally destroy a hair tie while redoing my hairstyle
  4. Being asked if you’re curling your hair everyday. Uhm, no that’s just what my hair looks like 😉
  5. I’ve not only destroyed every kind of hair tie, but I’ve seriously managed to accidentally break a brush (at the time when I still used to brush my curls!)
  6. A curly girl when it begins to rain: “OMG it’s raining, I immediately need an umbrella”. Your straight haired friends don’t get you because they think curls become even nicer when they’re rained on..
  7. Forgetting your bobby pins in your curls after clipping your roots (I just walked into a bakery yesterday with my bobby pins still in my curls, I got some really weird looks..)
  8. Explaining to straight haired people that having curly hair is a lot more complicated than having straight hair.
  9. Meeting another curly and then talk about your hair (where to get a haircut, what products to use, etc.). I love how I can small talk with any other curly as we have so much to talk about.
  10. Being described as the curly one, which I absolutely love!

These ten situations are also exactly why I love being a curly! What have you experienced because you’re a curly?

  • Sophie
    May 16, 2015

    Haha I can relate to all of these!

    • Sandra
      May 19, 2015

      I’m happy to hear I’m not the only one who’s managed to break a brush 🙂

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