10 reasons to love your curls

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Today’s post is a bit different – it’s neither a tip, nor a hairstyle nor a product review, but it’s a love letter to all curls. It’s so important to not only accept your curls, but to appreciate and even love them. So today I want to spread some curly-love!

Like most curlies I used to hate my curly hair, I just didn’t get why my hair had to be different from everybody else’s – it just seem so unfair! But as I learned how to properly take care of my curls, I started to like and even love them! The last time I straightened them everyone was telling me how different I looked and how my curls just looked better. That’s when I realized how my curls actually fit me and my personality much better than straight hair.

Don’t be your own worst critic, accept that your hair won’t look the same every day and of course on some days your curls just don’t want to behave and be frizzy. A little frizz isn’t that bad and probably you’ll be the only one to see it. Even if it’s a really bad hair day, don’t give up on your curls – just pull them back for that day and try again the next day.

If you’re not quite convinced curly hair needs to be loved, there are 10 reasons why you should love your curls:

  1. Your curls make you stand out of any crowd.
  2. If someone can’t remember your name they’ll describe you as “the curly one.” Sounds much better than e.g. the tall one, short one, or the one with the glasses!
  3. No one else – not even another curly – has exactly the same hair as you do, which makes you unique.
  4. Your hair naturally has more volume than straight hair. Remember that fact if you struggle with clipping your curls!
  5. Many straight-haired women wish to have curly hair and thus curl their hair with a curling iron every day or even do perms!
  6. You don’t need a hairstyle, your curls already are a hairstyle themselves.
  7. If you still decide to do a hairstyle, your curls will stay in place easier than straight hair (especially braiding is easier).
  8. You don’t need to wash your curls daily, because they’ll never become greasy.
  9. Also, you don’t need to brush your curls daily.
  10. Whenever you meet another curly you sure have a nice topic to talk about!

So let’s spread the curly-love: Why not compliment a friend or a stranger on how her/his curls look nice?

  • Suzy Danko
    January 18, 2016

    I love #6 and 10!!

  • Charlene
    February 5, 2016

    How I love this post! I’ve been having a tough time today with curls but now you have inspired me to love them!

    • Sandra
      February 5, 2016

      thanks, I’m really happy to hear that!

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